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The Lord of the Rings


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volume of The Lord of the Rings, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens,

and Jackson wrote the screenplay. The author is R. R. Tolkien. The Lord of the Rings trilogy’s first chapter is represented by the movie. Along with it has a large ensemble cast.

The tale, which takes place in Middle-earth, is about the Dark Lord Sauron, who wants to reclaim his throne by obtaining the One Ring, which houses a portion of his strength. Young Hobbit Frodo Baggins now possesses The Ring. As Frodo and his eight friends (who together make up the Fellowship of the Ring) set out on their treacherous trek to Mount Doom in Mordor, the only location where the Ring can be destroyed, they are placing the fate of Middle-earth in jeopardy. Although Jackson’s home New Zealand was used exclusively for filming and editing on The Fellowship of the Ring, as well as the other two parts of the trilogy, which were also produced by the American studio New Line Cinema.

It had its world premiere on December 10, 2001, at the London Odeon Leicester Square, and it was subsequently made available to the public on December 19 in the US and on December 20 in New Zealand. Fans and critics alike praised the movie, hailing it as a triumph for the fantasy film genre and a watershed moment in film history. Jackson’s direction, the acting, the narrative, the musical soundtrack, and the film’s fidelity to the source material all won accolades. At the time of its initial release, The Fellowship of the Ring had a global box office take of over $880 million, making it the second highest-grossing movie of 2001 and the fifth highest-grossing movie of all time.[5] With subsequent reissues, that figure has increased to over $898 million as of 2021[4]. Like its successors, it is The movie won multiple prizes, including Best Picture, at the 74th Academy prizes, where it was nominated for thirteen other categories.

The only movie made in the twenty-first century and the most current to be included in ever was named one of them in 2007 by the American Film Institute. The Library of Congress chose the movie for preservation in the United States. The Two Towers and The Return of the King, the two sequels, came out in 2002 and 2003, respectively.

The Second Age of Middle-earth sees the lords of Elves, Dwarves, and Men receiving Rings of Power. They are unaware that the Dark Lord Sauron creates the One Ring on Mount Doom, imbuing it with a significant portion of his power in order to dominate the other Rings and rule Middle-earth. In Mordor, Sauron’s army is being fought by a final coalition of Men and Elves. To defeat Sauron and transform him back into a spirit, Isildur of Gondor cuts off his finger and the Ring with it. Middle-earth’s Third Age begins with Sauron’s initial defeat. Isildur, who gains possession of the Ring and is later killed by Orcs, is corrupted by its influence. Prior to being discovered by Gollum, who has owned the Ring for more than 450 years, the Ring is lost in a river for 2,500 years. A hobbit named Bilbo Baggins finds the ring after it leaves Gollum but before he knows its history, the ring was abandoned by Gollum.

The Lord of the Rings
The Lord of the Rings

An old acquaintance, the wizard Gandalf the Grey, is present as Bilbo celebrates his 111th birthday in the Shire sixty years later. In order to give his nephew Frodo his inheritance, which includes the Ring, Bilbo leaves the Shire for one more journey. Gandalf arrives and warns Frodo to leave the Shire after investigating the Ring, learning its true nature, and discovering that Gollum was imprisoned and cruelly tortured by Sauron’s Orcs, disclosing two words during his interrogation: “Shire” and “Baggins.” Gandalf rides to Isengard to speak with the wizard Saruman as Frodo and his friend, the gardener Samwise Gamgee, are leaving. However, Gandalf soon learns of Saruman’s treachery and allegiance with Sauron, who has sent his nine undead Nazgûl servants to find Frodo.

Merry and Pippin, fellow hobbits, accompany Frodo and Sam as they escape the Nazgûl and make their way to Bree, where they are supposed to meet Gandalf at the Inn of the Prancing Pony. Gandalf, who was taken prisoner by Saruman, does not, however, make it. Strider, a Ranger, then helps the hobbits and offers to accompany them to Rivendell; but, Strider’s favourite elf, Arwen, locates Strider and saves Frodo while conjuring floodwaters that drive the Nazgûl away. She brings him to Rivendell, where he receives treatment from the Elves. After escaping Isengard on a Great Eagle, Gandalf encounters Frodo. Strider and Arwen reaffirm their affection for one another later that evening.

As soon as Lord Elrond, the father of Arwen, learns of Saruman’s treachery through Gandalf, he chooses against keeping the Ring in Rivendell because they now face threats from both Sauron and Saruman. Frodo and Gandalf are present in the council he calls, where the decision is made that the Ring must be destroyed in the Mount Doom fires. Along with Boromir of Gondor, Gandalf, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Legolas the Elf, Gimli the Dwarf, and Strider—who is actually Aragorn, the legitimate King of Gondor and Isildur’s heir—Frodo offers to take the Ring. The sword Sting and a mithril-chainmail shirt are gifts from Bilbo, who is currently residing in Rivendell.

When the Fellowship of the Ring arrives at the Gap of Rohan, they learn that Saruman’s spies are keeping an eye on them. Instead, they decide to travel through the Mines of Moria, where a tentacled water beast closes the entrance and traps the Fellowship inside, forcing them to make their way to the exit on the other end. This is because Saruman sent in the first place. A cave troll and orcs assault the Fellowship after they discover the dead Dwarves of Moria. Durin’s Bane, a Balrog that lives in the mines, confronts them after they manage to repel the attackers. The Balrog is repelled by Gandalf and flung into a deep abyss while the rest flee, but the Balrog takes Gandalf down with him into the shadows. The beleaguered Fellowship arrives in Lothlórien, which is controlled by the elf queen Galadriel. She tells Frodo in private that only he can complete the journey and that one of the Fellowship members will attempt to steal the Ring. In another vision, Sauron successfully subjugates all of Middle-earth, including the Shire, as she also does, in the future. Saruman builds an army of Uruk-hai in Isengard in the meantime in order to track down and eliminate the Fellowship.

In order to reach Parth Galen, the Fellowship takes a river. After getting lost, Boromir confronts Frodo and tries to steal the Ring as Lady Galadriel had forewarned. After that, Uruk-hai scouts ambush the Fellowship; their leader, Lurtz, fatally wounds Boromir as he fails to prevent them from taking Merry and Pippin. Arriving and killing Lurtz, Aragorn then consoles Boromir as he passes away and swears to support the Gondorians during the impending struggle. Frodo intends to go to Mordor alone out of fear that the Ring will make his friends evil, but he lets Sam accompany him since he is reminded of his pledge to Gandalf to take care of him. Frodo and Sam travel via Emyn Muil’s mountain pass towards Mordor as Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli set out to save Merry and Pippin.

The main performers received six weeks of sword fighting instruction from Bob Anderson, as well as riding and rowing instruction, before shooting started on October 11th, 1999. They were trained to pronounce Tolkien’s verses correctly, and Jackson hoped that these activities would help the cast bond and become accustomed correctly.[8] After the shoot, all nine of the cast members who played the Fellowship received tattoos representing the number nine in Elvish, with the exception of John Rhys-Davies, whose stunt double received the tattoo.[9] The movie is renowned

A young hobbit who receives the One Ring from his uncle Bilbo is played by Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins. A lover of the book, Wood sent in an audition wearing a Frodo costume and performing lines from the book. On July 7, 1999, Wood was the first actor to be cast. [11] Jake Gyllenhaal also tried out unsuccessfully. [13] Wood was chosen from 150 actors.
The Istari wizard and Frodo’s mentor, Gandalf the Grey, played by Ian McKellen. work out his schedule with 20th Century Fox as there were conflicts with other projects. McKellen worked with their scale replicas instead of the actors portraying the Hobbits, in contrast to his on-screen counterpart, who spent more time with the actors.[7]
The Dnedain ranger and future king of Gondor, Viggo Mortensen plays Aragorn. During pre-production, the role was offered to Daniel Day-Lewis,[18] but he declined it due to went in for an audition as Aragorn.[citation needed] Stuart Townsend was initially cast in the part but was replaced during filming when director Peter Jackson realised he was too young.[12] Russell Crowe was also considered, but he declined due to his dislike of working with children.in fencing from Bob Anderson, and agreed to play the part after being persuaded by his son, a fan of the book.[7] He then started filming the scenes on Weathertop.[20] Mortensen won the crew over by mending off-camera.[7]
Sam is the hobbit gardener and best friend of Frodo, played by Sean Astin as Samwise Gamgee. Prior to Astin’s casting, James Corden read for the role.[22] Astin, who had recently become a father, developed a protective attachment with the 18-year-old Wood.[7] This relationship matched Sam’s with Frodo.
A son of the Gondor Stewards who travels with the Fellowship towards Mordor is Boromir, played by Sean Bean. In contrast to Liam Neeson, who was sent the script but declined, book enthusiast Bruce Willis indicated interest in the part.
Peregrin Took, played by Billy Boyd, is a very foolish hobbit who is a distant relative of Frodo who goes with the Fellowship to Mordor. He is more commonly referred to as Pippin.
Known most commonly as Merry, Meriadoc Brandybuck is a distant cousin of Frodo who is portrayed by Dominic Monaghan. After putting in for Frodo, Monaghan was chosen to play Merry.[12]
A dwarf warrior who travels to Mordor with the Fellowship after they leave Rivendell is played by John Rhys-Davies. Billy Connolly, who was a candidate for the role of Gimli, would go on to play had to wear heavy prosthetics that limited his vision and caused him to eventually get eczema around his eyes. He also played Gimli’s father Glóin in the scene where the fellowship is formed.
The Woodland Realm of the elves’ prince Legolas, played by Orlando Bloom, is a talented archer. David Wenham was cast in the character that Bloom originally tried out for—Faramir, who makes an appearance in the second movie.[12]
Aragorn’s lover and a Rivendell elf, Liv Tyler portrays Arwen. After seeing Tyler’s performance in Plunkett & Macleane, the filmmakers approached her, and when New Line Cinema learned Tyler would be starring in the movie, they jumped at the chance. Actress Helena Bonham Carter expressed interest in the part. Tyler, unlike the other performers, only made brief appearances during the filming. At the very end of casting, on August 25, 1999, she was one of the actors.[23]
As Lothlórien’s other co-ruler, along with her spouse Celeborn, is Cate Blanchett’s portrayal of Galadriel, an elf. A candidate for the part was Lucy Lawless.[24]
Saruman the White, played by Christopher Lee, is the Istari Order’s ex-leader who, via the use of the palantr, submits to Sauron’s will. Lee, who read the book once per year, was a huge fan. Moreover, he had met J. Initially attempting to be Gandalf, R. R. Tolkien[20] was rejected because he was deemed to be too elderly.
Hugo Weaving plays the role of Elrond, the Elven-Lord of Rivendell who is in charge of the Council of Elrond, which ultimately resolves to sever the Ring. David Bowie expressed interest in the part, but Jackson said that it would be “slightly unsettling” to have a renowned, beloved figure and a famous star collide.
After deciding to retire to Rivendell, Frodo’s uncle, played by Ian Holm, gives him the Ring. Jackson remembered Holm’s performance as Frodo in a and he chose him for the role of Bilbopart, and he was held in consideration as a potential Bilbo for six months before Jackson chose Holm.
A miserable hobbit-like creature, Gollum is spoken and motion captured by Andy Serkis. After 500 years of holding the Ring, Gollum’s mind was poisoned. In the prologue, this personage appears for a brief moment. In Moria, all that can be seen are his eyes and his nose, whereas in Mordor, all that can be heard is his roaring voice. When Serkis’ agent informed him that Jackson intended to approach him to portray Gollum, he was completing the six-episode Oliver Twist miniseries in 1999. Serkis was initially hesitant to accept the role, despite ultimately doing so, because one of his Oliver Twist co-stars said it wasn’t a good idea if his face wasn’t going to appear on screen, and Jackson wasn’t suredesired.[26] Additionally, Jackson was unsure if Serkis could pull off the role with such a complicated motion-capture performance.
Along with the others in the cast,

Sala Baker plays Sauron, who appears as an Eye after losing control of his corporeal form. Sauron is the Dark Lord of Mordor and the ultimate master of the Ring.
Celeborn the Wise, is portrayed by Marton Csokas.
The leader of Saruman’s Uruk-Hai army, Lurtz is played by Lawrence Makoare.
Craig Parker portrays Haldir, the commander of the Galadhrim warriors who guard Lothlórien’s border.
As Ereinion Gil-galad, played by Mark Ferguson, the Noldor’s final elven king.
The final High King of Arnor and Gondor, Elendil the Tall is played by Peter McKenzie.
As Isildur, the progenitor of Aragorn and the son of Elendil, Harry Sinclair portrays the role.
with reference to the original content
more info The Lord of the Rings adaptation by Peter Jackson
To improve the story’s rhythm and character development, Jackson, Walsh, and Boyens made a number of alterations. stated his spirit flees. Jackson stated that his main desire was to make a movie that was primarily focused
The movie begins with Tom Bombadil, one of several characters and events from the book that are shortened or left out. The filmmakers also chose period purposes.

The Moria sequence adopted a different tenor. After the defeat on the Caradhras road, Gandalf promotes the Moria road in the book against the opposition of the rest of the Fellowship (aside from Gimli), claiming that “there is a hope that Moria is still free…there is even a chance that Dwarves are there,” though no one seems to think this is likely. The discovery of Wargs on their trail compels them to accept Gandalf’s plan despite Frodo’s suggestion that the company vote be held. When they get at Balin’s tomb, they discover the Dwarves are all dead. Instead, as a method of foreshadowing, the producers decided to have Gandalf oppose the Moria plan. Gimli hears Gandalf tell him he’d rather stay out of Moria, and Saruman reveals a picture of the Balrog in one of his books, indicating that he knows of Gandalf’s reluctance. As soon as the Fellowship enters Moria, the corpses of the dwarves are visible.[31] One distinction that many critics remarked on is that, in the novel, Pippin only throws a movie, he knocks an entire skeleton in (“Next, the skeleton… falls down the well, also dragging

In the novel, the elf Glorfindel transports Frodo to Rivendell after he is hit by a Nazgûl at Weathertop; in the movie, Arwen serves in same capacity.

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