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THE Matrix 1999


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It is the first movie in the Matrix.

imprisoned inside the Matrix, a fake reality that artificial intelligence has created to keep people busy .

An illustration of the science fiction subgenre of cyberpunk is The Matrix.[8] Japanese animation[9] and martial arts movies impacted the Wachowskis’ approach to action scenes, and the employment of fight choreographers and wire fu techniques from Hong Kong action cinema had an impact on later Hollywood action film productions. The movie popularized phrases like “red pill” and “bullet time,” a visual effect that represents the heightened perception of some characters by allowing the action to progress in slow motion within a shot while the camera appears to move through the scene .

The Matrix was a huge box office hit, earning fourth-highest-grossing movie of that year. It debuted in theaters in the United States on March 31, 1999, to acclaim from critics who praised its inventive visual effects, action sequences, cinematography, and entertainment value[10][11]. The movie took home the trophy at the 72nd Academy Awards. Numerous other awards were also given to the movie, Best Director and Best Science Fiction Film at the 26th Saturn Awards, both given to the Wachowskis. The movie is regarded as one of the best science fiction movies of all time,[12].
The success of the original movie prompted the Wachowskis to write and direct two both released in 2003. The Wachowskis were extensively involved in the creation of The Animatrix, an animated anthology movie, as well as the creation of comic books, computer games, and other Matrix-related media. Books and theories extending on some of the theological and philosophical concepts hinted at in the films have also been inspired by the franchise. On December 22, 2021, a fourth movie, The Matrix Resurrections, was released.

A police team confronts Trinity at a deserted hotel, but she overwhelms them with superhuman strength. She runs away while the police and a team of Agents in suits who are also capable of superhuman abilities pursue her. She answers a ringing public phone before disappearing.

Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer better known by the hacker nickname “Neo,” is perplexed by his frequent internet interactions with the word “the Matrix.” In a message, Trinity informs him that Morpheus is the person who can provide Neo with the answers he needs. Agent Smith and a group of agents and law enforcement officials show up at Neo’s workplace to look for him. Even though Morpheus tries to lead Neo to safety, Neo gives up rather than take a risky escape. The Agents ask Neo to assist them in finding Morpheus, whom they believe to be a terrorist, in exchange for erasing his criminal record. They weld Neo’s mouth shut, restrain him, and implant a robotic “bug” in his abdomen when he refuses to cooperate. Neo is startled out of what he thinks is a nightmare. Soon after, Trinity brings Neo to see Morpheus, who cures Neo of the bug.

Morpheus gives Neo the option of taking either the red or blue pill, which will either expose the truth about the Matrix or will cause Neo to forget everything and go back to his previous existence. When Neo swallows the red pill, his reality starts to change. He then wakes up in one of countless other liquid-filled pods that are home to other beings. The Nebuchadnezzar, Morpheus’ flying vessel, is then used to transport him. Morpheus explains the scenario when Neo recovers in the pod after a lifetime of inactivity: Early in the twenty-first century, a conflict erupted between people and intelligent machines. The Matrix is a shared virtual environment that is based on the world of 1999. It was created by the machines as a response to humans blocking their access to sun energy. The machines enslaved humans and harvested their bioelectric power. The last free people sought safety in the Zion underground city in the years that followed.

In order to “unplug” slaved people from the Matrix and recruit them, a group of rebels led by Morpheus and his team hack into the simulation. Because they are aware that the Matrix is a simulation, they are able to change its laws of physics. Morpheus explains that the Agents are sentient computer programs that destroy threats to the system, whilst Sentinels are machines that put down insurrectionists in the actual world. He also warns Neo that death within the Matrix also kills the human body. Neo’s success in the virtual training program solidifies Morpheus’s conviction that Neo is “the One,” a person who has been foretold to set humanity free. The gang enters the Matrix to speak with the Oracle, a prophetic computer program who foretold the appearance of the One. She makes the implication that Neo is not the One and issues a dire warning that he must decide between saving Morpheus’ life and his own. Agents and police attack the group before they can escape the Matrix after receiving information from in return for a contract to be plugged back into the Matrix and enjoy a luxurious life.

Morpheus battles Smith and is captured in order to buy time for the others. The remaining crew members are unconscious when Cypher leaves the Matrix and kills them. Crew member Tank regains consciousness and kills Cypher before removing Neo and Trinity from the Matrix, stopping him from killing Neo and Trinity. Morpheus is questioned by the Agents so they can obtain his access codes to the Zion mainframe computer, which will enable them to take it out. As the Oracle had predicted, Neo decides to go back to the Matrix to save Morpheus; Trinity insisted on going with him. Neo develops confidence in his skills while saving Morpheus, accomplishing accomplishments on par with those of the Agents.

Smith ambushes and murders Neo in the Matrix after Morpheus and Trinity have successfully left. Trinity confesses her love for Neo and claims the Oracle said she would fall in love with the One as a troop of Sentinels attack the Nebuchadnezzar. The Sentinels are rendered inoperable by the ship’s electromagnetic pulse as Neo departs the Matrix, having been restored and given newfound skills to observe and control the Matrix. Neo’s victory over Smith causes the other Agents to run, and he easily beats Smith. Neo calls the robots on the phone from inside the Matrix, promising to show their inmates “a world where anything is possible.” Then he hangs up and takes off.

THE Matrix
THE Matrix

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A computer programmer named Neo, born Thomas A. Anderson, secretly works as a hacker under the alias Neo. He is played by Keanu Reeves. According to Reeves, his character was someone who sensed something was off and was looking for Morpheus and the truth to free themselves.Due to reservations about the film’s ambitious bullet time special effects, Will Smith declined the part of Neo in Wild Wild West.[17] He later said that he “would have messed it up” if given the job since he was “not mature enough as an actor” at the time.[18][19] Smith gave Reeves high marks for his performance.[20] Additionally, Nicolas Cage declined the role citing “family obligations”.[21] Brad Pitt or Val Kilmer were the leading candidates for Warner Bros.[22] Leonardo DiCaprio initially agreed to the part after both actors turned it down, but then declined it because he didn’t want to work on a visual effects movie so soon after Titanic.[23] The studio promoted Reeves, who beat out Johnny Depp, the Wachowskis’ first choice, for the part.[22] Lorenzo di Bonaventura claimed that Sandra Bullock received the screenplay along with the recommendation to rewrite Neo as a girl.[23]
Morpheus, played by Laurence Fishburne, is a human liberated from the Matrix and the captain of the Nebuchadnezzar. After reading the script, Fishburne claimed that he could not see why other people found it incomprehensible. He questioned whether the movie would ever be created, though, because it was “so smart”.[16] Fishburne was encouraged by the Wachowskis to model his portrayal after the Sandman comic book character Morpheus.Val Kilmer, Samuel L. Jackson, and Gary Oldman were reportedly considered for the role, according to [24].[22]
Trinity, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, is a human who was set free by Morpheus, a member of the Nebuchadnezzar’s crew, and later, Neo’s love interest. When she initially read the script, according to Moss, she didn’t think she had to perform the extreme gymnastic feats that were called for. She also questioned the Wachowskis’ ability to handle directing a film with such a high budget, but after spending an hour with them going over the storyboard, she saw why some viewers would have faith in them.[16] Moss stated that she completed a three-hour physical test for the role during casting, so she was prepared for what would come next.[25] Moss later claimed, “I had no career before. The role made me. None.”[26] Janet Jackson was first asked to play the part, but she declined due to schedule issues.[27][28] She admitted in an interview that it was tough for her to decline the role, therefore on her tenth studio album Discipline, she made references to The Matrix in the ‘Intro’ and ‘Outro’ interludes.[29] Sandra Bullock, who had been considered for the role of Neo in the past, was also given the opportunity to play Trinity, but she declined go on to play Niobe in the sequels) all attended the casting call.[31][32]Hugo Weaving plays Agent Smith, a sentient Matrix “Agent” software whose mission is to destroy Zion and prevent people from escaping the matrix. He wants to be exempt from his obligations, unlike other Agents. Weaving claimed that it was fun for him to play and found the role entertaining. He adopted a neutral accent while also developing a more distinct persona for the part. He stated that the Wachowskis’ voices had inspired Smith’s voice in the movie and that he wanted Smith to sound neither artificial nor human. Weaving said he was thrilled to be a part of something that would challenge him when production first started.[34] The part was offered to Jean Reno, but she turned it down because she didn’t want to move to Australia for the play.[35]
Joe Pantoliano plays Cypher, a crew member of the Nebuchadnezzar and another human released by Morpheus who regrets taking the red pill and wants to return to the Matrix. Cypher later betrays the rebels to Agent Smith. Prior to making an appearance in The Matrix, Pantoliano collaborated with the Wachowskis by starring in their 1996 film Bound.
Marcus Chong plays Tank. Both characters were born outside of the Matrix and are “natural” (as opposed to bred) people.
Matt Doran portrays Mouse, a programmer on the Nebuchadnezzar and a freed human.
Young prophet The Spoon Boy, played by Rowan Witt, has mastered the art of manipulating the Matrix universe. He imparts advice and motivation to Neo throughout the movies and graphic novels while also teaching him how to use his powers. He appears to be intelligent beyond his years.
Gloria Foster plays The Oracle, a prophet who still lives in the Matrix and uses her insight and knowledge to assist the released people.
Dozer, played by Anthony Ray Parker, is the Nebuchadnezzar’s pilot. He was born outside of the Matrix, just like Tank, and is Tank’s brother.
Apoc, played by Julian Arahanga, is a crew member of the Nebuchadnezzar and a freed human.
Switch, played by Belinda McClory, is a crew member of the Nebuchadnezzar and a human who was set free by Morpheus.
One of the two sentient “Agent” programs in the Matrix, played by Paul Goddard as Agent Brown, collaborates with Agent Smith to destroy Zion and prevent humanity from exiting the system.
One of the two sentient “Agent” programs in the Matrix, played by Robert Taylor, works with Agent Smith to destroy Zion and prevent people from escaping the system.
A nod to the White Rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Ada Nicodemou as DuJour.
Production Improvement
The Wachowskis gave Warner Bros. Pictures the screenplay for the movie Assassins in 1994. After reading the script, Lorenzo di Bonaventura—the company’s then-president of production—decided to purchase the rights and added the two further films Bound and The Matrix to the agreement. Bound, the Wachowskis’ debut film, went on to receive positive reviews. They subsequently requested to helm The Matrix using this impetus.[36]
by the Wachowskis in 1996. On his YouTube channel, Smith said that the plan was for him to portray Neo and Val Kilmer to play Morpheus. He later claimed that he rejected down the job to instead shoot Wild Wild West because he didn’t entirely grasp the premise.[37]

Joel Silver, a producer, quickly joined the endeavor. The Matrix required a $60 million investment from Warner Bros. despite having influential backers like Silver and Di Bonaventura to sway the studio. The film included renowned performers and involved amazing effects.[36] The Wachowskis consequently commissioned a 600-page, shot-by-shot storyboard for the entire movie from underground comic book artists Geof Darrow and Steve Skroce.[38][39] After the studio finally gave its blessing to the storyboard, it was decided to film in Australia to make the most of the available funds.[36] The Matrix quickly evolved into a Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures joint venture.[40] Zach Staenberg, the film’s editor, claims in the DVD audio commentary track that the production team delivered a clip of the movie’s opening minutes—which feature Trinity’s contact with agents and the police—to Warner officials and got their “total support of the movie” from them.[41]

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