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Ratsasan 2018


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Ratsasan, sometimes known as Demon, is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language

“Ratsasan” is a gripping and spine-chilling Indian Tamil-language psychological thriller film that left audiences on the edge of their seats. Released in 2018 and directed by Ram Kumar, the movie gained immense popularity for its intense storyline and exceptional performances.

Plot Summary

The film revolves around Arun, a talented but unsuccessful filmmaker who gives up his dreams to become a police officer. Arun’s life takes a dark turn when a series of gruesome murders of young schoolgirls terrorize the city. As the body count rises, Arun finds himself assigned to the case, putting his investigative skills to the test.

The Protagonist’s Struggle

Arun, portrayed brilliantly by Vishnu Vishal, is a complex character who grapples with his own demons while pursuing the elusive serial killer. His journey from an aspiring filmmaker to a determined police officer adds depth to the narrative. Vishnu Vishal’s performance as Arun earned critical acclaim, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

The Antagonist: A True Psychopath

The true standout of “Ratsasan” is the antagonist. Without revealing too much, the film introduces a psychopathic killer who operates with meticulous precision. The portrayal of the antagonist is spine-tingling, and the suspense surrounding their identity keeps the audience guessing until the very end.

The Thrills and Suspense

“Ratsasan” masterfully combines elements of suspense, horror, and crime thriller. The tension builds with each passing scene as Arun races against time to catch the elusive killer. The film keeps viewers glued to their seats, with unexpected twists and heart-pounding moments that will leave you breathless.

Psychological Depth

What sets “Ratsasan” apart from typical thrillers is its exploration of psychological themes. The film delves into the mind of the killer, offering a glimpse into the darkness that drives their actions. This psychological aspect adds a layer of complexity to the story and elevates it beyond conventional crime dramas.

Critical Acclaim and Awards

“Ratsasan” received widespread critical acclaim for its screenplay, direction, and performances. It won several awards, including the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Film and the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor.


“Ratsasan” is a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers. Its gripping storyline, outstanding performances, and psychological depth make it a standout film in Indian cinema. If you’re in search of a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you contemplating its themes long after the credits roll, “Ratsasan” is a compelling choice.

Ratsasan: Unraveling the Thrills of a Serial Killer Mystery
Ratsasan: Unraveling the Thrills of a Serial Killer Mystery

slasher psychological thriller[2] that was directed by Ram Kumar, who is well known for the 2014 film Mundasupatti. Vishnu Vishal, Amala Paul, and Saravanan are the movie’s main actors, and Kaali Venkat, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan, and Ramdoss are included as supporting actors. movie, P. V. Shankar shot it, and San Lokesh edited it. After his father passes away, the movie’s protagonist, an aspiring director of pictures, enlists in the police and sets out to find a serial killer.

generally favorable reviews from critics. It was remade in Hindi as Cuttputlli and Telugu as Rakshasudu (see below).

Two elderly men find Samyuktha, a 15-year-old schoolgirl who was brutally slain, when they first arrive on the site. An budding filmmaker named Arun Kumar wants to create a film about psychopaths. With the aid of his brother-in-law, CI Das, Arun joins the T.N.P.D. as a sub-inspector of police after suffering numerous rejections and pressure from his family. He relocates with his sister Kokila, his partner Doss, and their child Ammu. When Ammu asks Arun for assistance after getting into problems at school, he meets her teacher Viji there. However, Das and Kokila subsequently catch up with Arun and Ammu. Arun gradually develops a friendship with Viji and Kayal, her niece who is deaf and mute.

Arun is also looking into Amudha’s kidnapping, a schoolgirl. Due to the mutilations on a doll he discovered at Amudha’s house, Arun draws parallels between Samyuktha and Amudha’s case. His attempts to persuade ACP Lakshmi, his superior officer, are unsuccessful. Amudha’s dismembered body is discovered a short while later. Dr. Nandan, a pathologist, hypothesizes that the offender used a strategy similar to Samyuktha’s. In the days that follow, Meera, another hearing-impaired student from Viji’s school, is kidnapped and murdered. Inbaraj, a teacher at the new school Ammu has enrolled at, turns up during the hunt. A pedophile who compels females into irrumatio, Inbaraj. When Arun captures Inbaraj after receiving a tip from another victim Sharmi, Ammu just barely escapes him.

Inbaraj acknowledges that he is a sexual predator but disputes the accusations of murder. He attempts to flee by holding policeman Venkat at gunpoint, but Arun shoots Inbaraj to death. Ammu is kidnapped from her birthday celebration at home the same day, and Arun discovers her dismembered body in their car trunk. When they discover her dead body, Arun and Das are distraught. Kokila was not informed by Das that Ammu had passed away, so they returned to their house. Arun is suspended for his carelessness in shooting Inbaraj, which makes matters worse. Dejected and enraged, Arun conducts an unofficial investigation into the case himself with a few police officers’ assistance. He tracks down a piano piece to a lady magician named Annabella George who performed at all of the victims’ schools after discovering an audio recording from Meera’s hearing aid. Arun discovers that Annabella selects students by summoning them at random to the stage, then follows, kidnaps, and kills them over the course of the following few days. Sanjana is the next person Arun finds to be targeted. He chooses to defend her.

She is kidnapped in spite of intensive observation. Sanjana is saved after Arun and his colleagues locate her. But Anabella succeeds in getting away. Arun discovers that Annabella had previously been charged with murder. To get information, he encounters retired police officer Rajamanickam. Rajamanickam reveals that Mary Fernandez, Annabella’s mother, has Werner Syndrome (progeria), a hormonal condition that makes Christopher look old. Christopher is a master at both playing the piano and magic tricks. Although he is an outcast at school, Sophia becomes his friend.

Since his condition has left him impotent and unable to have a love life, Christopher comes to fall for Sophia and makes a proposal. He is devastated when she declines him. After this, Sophie began to shun him as well. Christopher is traumatized after many of the lads at his school belittle him in front of the class, and their talk is overheard. When Mary finds out, she kills Sophie with a knife, leading to her arrest and Christopher’s imprisonment. They were thought to have perished in an accident, but according to Rajamanickam, Mary may still be alive and have turned into a crazy serial killer. Arun receives a call from Rajamanickam with significant news. When Arun gets to Rajamanickam’s house, he discovers that Mary has killed him. Rajamanickam’s proof is in front of him, but Lakshmi imprisons him and bans him from investigating the matter.

Arun learns that Rajamanickam had gathered information from images and was about to claim that Mary was actually Christopher who had been mistaken for her, who had long since perished in an accident. He makes an attempt to tell Lakshmi, but fails. In the meantime, Christopher kidnaps Kayal and assaults Viji. Venkat is slain while attempting to confront Christopher. Dr. Nandan discovers Kayal when she escapes and assassinates Nandan. Arun finds Christopher in time, and after a drawn-out battle, he kills him while also killing Christopher while injuring himself. The murders committed by Christopher are eventually put an end, and Arun is given the opportunity to make a movie about a psychopath realizing his ambition.

as SI, Vishnu Vishal Indra Kumar
Amala Paul performs the dual character of Christopher Fernandez and Vijayalakshmi “Viji” Saravanan (Annabella George).
Young Christopher as Yasar
Mary Fernandez, Kaali Venkat as Venkat Abhirami as Ammu, Baby Monica as Kayal, Viji’s niece who resides with Arun and Viji Ramdoss as Doss, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan as Ammu’s father, Ammu’s sister and Mary Fernandez Lakshmi Nishgal Dr. Nandan is portrayed by Ravi, and Arun’s home is owned by Murugan.
Sophie, played by Ragavi Renu, is Christopher’s love interest.
Trishala playing two roles Sangeetha, the younger twin sister of Sanjana, and Sangeetha

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