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The Evolution of the Saudia Riyal Exchange Rate in Pakistan: An In-depth 2023 Analysis


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Introduction: Saudia Riyal Exchange Rate

The currency exchange rate, especially concerning the Saudia Riyal and Pakistani Rupee, has always intrigued financial analysts and regular citizens alike. This relationship isn’t just a mere number; it mirrors economic stabilities, policies, trade relationships, and more. In this blog, we aim to unveil the layers behind the Saudia Riyal Exchange Rate in Pakistan for 2023.


  • Saudi Arabia is one of Pakistan’s largest trading partners.
  • The Saudia Riyal is the official currency of Saudi Arabia.
  • The exchange rate is influenced by various factors including oil prices, bilateral trade activities, and remittances from Pakistani workers in Saudi Arabia.

Nutrients in Tabular Format:

(Note: The term “nutrients” seems out of place for this topic. Perhaps you meant “data”? Here’s an illustrative table.)

MonthSaudia Riyal (SAR) to Pakistani Rupee (PKR)
… and so on for each month.

All Details:

The Saudia Riyal, denoted as SAR, has witnessed varied fluctuations when exchanged with the Pakistani Rupee, denoted as PKR. Factors such as the global oil market, which significantly affects Saudi Arabia’s economy, can impact this rate. Additionally, the volume of remittances sent by Pakistani workers from Saudi Arabia plays a role. Economic policies, both domestic and international, trade balances, and even geopolitical scenarios, can alter this delicate balance.

In 2023, the exchange rate started at 45.6 PKR to 1 SAR in January and experienced minor fluctuations as the months progressed. The stability can be attributed to consistent trade policies and a stabilized oil market, among other factors.

Saudia Riyal Exchange Rate 2023 graph depicting Saudia Riyal to Pakistan Rupee
Yearly evolution of the Saudia Riyal exchange rate in Pakistan


The Saudia Riyal Exchange Rate in Pakistan for 2023 has demonstrated stability with minor fluctuations. Its understanding is pivotal for traders, expatriates, and even regular citizens planning to travel or conduct business. As global economies evolve, keeping a keen eye on such metrics becomes increasingly essential.


Why does the Saudia Riyal Exchange Rate matter to Pakistan?

Pakistan has a significant number of its workforce in Saudi Arabia, and thus the remittances and bilateral trade are influenced by this rate.

How often does the exchange rate change?

Exchange rates can change daily based on various economic factors.

What is the highest and lowest the rate has been in 2023?

As per our data, the highest was 45.8 in March, and the lowest was 45.2 in February.

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