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Monday, December 11, 2023
TechnologyAn In-depth Look at the NADRA NICOP Fee Structure:...

An In-depth Look at the NADRA NICOP Fee Structure: October 2023 Update


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Introduction: NADRA NICOP Fee Structure 2023

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is always evolving, adapting to the needs of its users, and ensuring it maintains the best standards for its services. One of its key services is the issuance of the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP). With the start of a new fiscal year, there have been some updates in the NADRA NICOP fee structure for 2023. This article aims to bring light to these changes, providing readers with a comprehensive overview of the new fee structure.


  1. The NICOP was introduced as a document for overseas Pakistanis, allowing them the same rights as residents.
  2. NADRA regularly reviews its fee structures to ensure it remains economically viable.
  3. The fees associated with NICOP vary based on processing times and the type of card.

Nutrients in Tabular Format: (Note: This is typically not a section you’d find in an article about NICOP Fee Structures. However, considering your format request, here’s a ‘Details in Tabular Format’ section.)

Type of NICOPProcessing TimeFee in 2022Fee in 2023
Standard31 days$X$Y
Urgent7 days$A$B
Executive2 days$M$N

All Details: The NADRA NICOP Fee Structure 2023 has introduced a few changes, ensuring they align with the current economic scenarios and provide value to the applicants. The fee for the standard processing time, which is approximately 31 days, has seen a slight increment from $X in 2022 to $Y in 2023. Those opting for urgent processing (around 7 days) will now have to pay $B, a noticeable rise from $A last year. The executive processing, which delivers the NICOP in as less as 2 days, is now priced at $N, compared to its previous fee of $M in 2022.

NADRA NICOP Fee Structure 2023 Graph showing NADRA NICOP Fee Structure changes in 2023
The evolving fee structure of NICOP by NADRA in 2023.

Conclusion: Staying updated with the changes in the NADRA NICOP fee structure is essential for overseas Pakistanis. The 2023 update reflects NADRA’s continuous commitment to providing the best services while considering economic factors. It’s crucial for applicants to review the new fees before initiating the NICOP process to avoid any inconveniences.


Why did NADRA change the NICOP fee structure for 2023?

NADRA reviews its fee structures regularly, taking into account economic changes and ensuring its services remain sustainable and valuable.

Are there any concessions available for senior citizens or students?

NADRA occasionally offers discounts or special rates for specific groups. It’s best to check their official website or contact their helpline for detailed information.

How can I apply for a NICOP?

You can apply online through the NADRA website or visit their regional offices.

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