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iPhone 4 Review – A Comprehensive Look at a Classic Device


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Dive into our engaging iPhone 4 review to discover what made this Apple device a game-changer in its time.

The iPhone 4 was released back in June 2010 and at that time it represented a significant step forward in terms of technology and design for Apple. Reviews from that period were largely positive, highlighting several key improvements over its predecessors. Here are some points that were often mentioned in reviews of the iPhone 4:

  1. Design: The iPhone 4 was praised for its sleek, flat-sided design which was a departure from the curved back of the iPhone 3GS. It introduced an aluminosilicate glass front and back which was described as 30 times harder than plastic, and a stainless steel band that doubled as the phone’s antenna system. This gave the device a much more premium look and feel.
  2. Display: One of the most significant upgrades was the introduction of the “Retina” display, which had a then-high-resolution of 960 x 640 pixels. Reviewers noted that this made text and images look extremely sharp and clear, a substantial improvement over previous models.
  3. Camera: The iPhone 4 featured a 5-megapixel rear camera with an LED flash, which was capable of recording 720p HD video. It also introduced a front-facing camera, which enabled FaceTime video calls. Both were seen as substantial improvements over the 3GS.
  4. Performance: Powered by the Apple A4 chip, the iPhone 4 provided smooth and efficient performance. Reviews highlighted the speed of the interface and the ability to multitask following the iOS 4 update which allowed users to switch between apps without closing them.
  5. Operating System: The iPhone 4 ran iOS 4, which introduced new features like multitasking, folders to organize apps, and a unified inbox for email. Reviewers appreciated the software’s ease of use and the robustness of the iOS ecosystem.
  6. Antenna Issues: Not long after the release, users and reviewers reported loss of signal strength when the phone was held in a certain way, which was dubbed “Antennagate”. Apple addressed this by offering free cases that helped reduce the issue.
  7. Battery Life: The iPhone 4 also had improved battery life compared to its predecessor, although some reviews noted that battery life could still be a concern for power users.

In the context of today, the iPhone 4 is obsolete – it no longer receives iOS updates, and many modern apps and features are not compatible with the hardware or software of the device. However, at the time of its release, it was regarded as one of the best smartphones on the market and was a commercial success for Apple.

If you are looking for information on the iPhone 4 because you’re considering buying one for some reason (such as for collecting), be aware that its functionality as a smartphone in today’s context would be extremely limited. However, as a piece of tech history, it holds a special place as it laid the groundwork for the modern smartphone design and was a testament to Apple’s commitment to innovation.

iPhone 4 Review: A Nostalgic Look Back


Remember when the iPhone 4 was the talk of the town? It seems like only yesterday when Steve Jobs unveiled this sleek, flat-edged marvel, and it took the world by storm. But what made the iPhone 4 such a standout piece in the smartphone saga? Let’s rewind time and explore this classic device as if it’s just hit the shelves.

Design and Build Quality

Let’s start with the aesthetics, shall we? The iPhone 4 boasted a revolutionary design back in the day. Remember how it felt to hold that glass and stainless steel body? It was the first time a phone felt like a luxurious accessory rather than just a tool.

iphone 4
iphone 4

Screen and Display

And that Retina display? It was a feast for the eyes. The iPhone 4’s display was leaps and bounds ahead of its competition, making every image and video look crisp and clear.

Camera Capabilities

Who could forget the camera? The iPhone 4 wasn’t just a phone; it was a camera revolution in your pocket. With its 5-megapixel rear camera and VGA front shooter, it introduced many to the joys of high-quality mobile photography.

Operating System and Performance

Smooth operator? Absolutely. The iPhone 4 ran on iOS, which was as sleek as the phone’s exterior. The interface, the multitasking – it all felt seamless.

Connectivity and Network

Staying connected was a breeze. With options for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G, the iPhone 4 kept you in the loop no matter where you were.

Battery Life

Ever ready, always reliable. The battery life on the iPhone 4 was a significant upgrade from its predecessors, ensuring you could chat, browse, and play longer.

Storage Options

Room for everything. With up to 32GB of storage, the iPhone 4 had plenty of space for your photos, apps, and music.

App Ecosystem

Apps aplenty. The App Store was a treasure trove of possibilities, turning your iPhone 4 into whatever you needed it to be.

User Experience

User-friendly from the get-go. The iPhone 4 was intuitive and accessible, making technology approachable for everyone.

Durability and Longevity

Tough as nails. Well, almost. The iPhone 4’s build quality meant it could take a few knocks and keep on ticking.

The Price Factor

Quality comes at a cost. The iPhone 4 wasn’t cheap, but it was considered a worthwhile investment for tech enthusiasts.

Impact on Smartphone Industry

A trailblazer, indeed. The release of the iPhone 4 marked a pivotal moment in mobile technology, influencing design and features for years to come.

The Legacy of iPhone 4

A lasting impression. The iPhone 4 left an indelible mark on the smartphone landscape, setting the bar for future devices.

Conclusion: The End of an Era?

Bidding adieu to a classic. The iPhone 4’s legacy is a testament to Apple’s innovation and a nostalgic nod to technology’s rapid evolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was the iPhone 4 really that revolutionary?

Absolutely! It changed the game in terms of design and functionality, introducing features that became standard in future smartphones.

How does the iPhone 4’s camera hold up today?

While today’s cameras have far surpassed the iPhone 4, it’s important to remember how advanced it was for its time.

Can the iPhone 4 still be used today?

Technically, yes, although it may not support the latest apps and updates.

Why is the iPhone 4 considered iconic?

Its design, introduction of the Retina display, and the impact it had on the industry make it an iconic device.

Is it worth collecting an iPhone 4 now?

For tech enthusiasts and collectors, the iPhone 4 is a piece of mobile history worth having.

Reliving the iPhone 4 era shows us just how far we’ve come. From its industrial design to its then-cutting-edge features, it wasn’t just a smartphone; it was a statement. And while technology continues to gallop ahead, the iPhone 4 remains a significant milestone in Apple’s timeline. It was much more than a gadget; it was the herald of a future where smartphones became the focal point of our digital lives.

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